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                Service Price/Prix

*******All prices can be changed without notice********

*******Tous les prix peuvent etre modifies sans previs*******

Fullset  $60.00+Taxes
It will take approximately 5 mins to make a completed full-sets of nails. Technician will customized your desired length and shape of your nails with artificial tips;then, applies powder or gel on your nail and sand your nails until they are smooth and nature as your preferences. This process will finish with an application of color and that will make your hands more beautiful and sexy.  Of course these nails are very strong and durable. It will prevent your nature nails from easy break.  I'm sure you will not go back to your natural nails when you have such a beautiful nails.

Fullset Powder with Shellac Color: $60.00+Taxes
This step is very similar procedure like acrylic full-set. Technician will use the powder similar acrylic powder and the process will continue as a normal acrylic full set done. To avoid wasting time for nail polish drying, We apply shellac gel polish. It is amazing and solid like bullet proof.  You would think it will shine and strong. The whole process of making your full-set of nails will take approximately 65 mins. Enjoy yours beautiful nails.

Regular Manicure: $35.00+Taxes
It will take approximately 25-30 mins to perform your manicure. The manicurist will file, shape, and trim your nails and cuticle. to a certain way that you would  prefer them to do.  The  manicurist then apply several coat of color application of your choice and give a little nice massage on your hands with our special lotion. Although we suggest 25 mins for a manicure, it would take about 20-30 mins additional to dry your hands.  

Shellac Application with Regular Manicure: $49.00+Taxes
It will take approximately 55 mins to make a completed finish a regular manicure with shellac color application.. The manicurist will perform the same task as the regular manicure first.  Then  she/he will finish the process with several applications of your shellac color to your natural nails. 

Pedicure: $39.00+Taxes
It will take approximately 45 mins to have a pedicure done.  At first, you will soak your feet into spa water for about 5 mins to relax your feet and feet callous.  In the meantimes, you will be pampered with a nice massage from spa chair at your preferred mode.  Then, the manicurist will trim your toes' nails and cuticle around your toes.  She will then check your feet callous and  remove it  as much as she can to light your feet.  She then applies an application of pedi-lotion to rub your feet to give you a sensation balance. Finally, the manicurist will give you a hand massage on you feet and apply the color application on your toes.  It will take 20-40mins additional to dry your feet before your have your shoes on.  So be prepared and enjoy the service.   

Shellac Application with a full pedicure: $68.00+Taxes
At first, a full pedicure hat to be performed as we have described for the service of pedicure. The manicurist then applies shellac applications on top of  your natural toes as the finishing touch to make your toes more beautify. The whole process of shellac pedicure will take approximately 55-60mins.

Waxing Services
Sourcis (Eyebrows wax):          $20.00+taxes
Aiselles(Underarms):                $25.00+taxes
Menton(Chin)                            $20.00 +taxes
Jambe complete(full legs)         $60.00+taxes
All other waxing: please call (pour autre service, vouillez appleler

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